Bergen, 25-26 November 2018 – Migrasjonskonferanse: Helse I alt vi gjør (Migration conference: Health in all we do)

The conference gathered professionals and volunteers working in all sectors of society to a dialog on how best to ensure good health for the migrant population in Norway. During the two days, researchers, health professionals and social workers, volunteers and migrants engaged in exchange of best practice and dialog on how to improve their current line of work, as well as highlighting challenges in our society through what became the Bergen Declaration.

We presented work package 7 on migration and health, in the Joint Action on Equity Health Europe, through a workshop during the conference. The participants in the workshop had a varying degree of knowledge of EU projects and the migration and health field; some worked in the social service, some directly with migrants and some in our health directorate and hospitals. During the workshop we discussed how a common European action like this can be important for our country and what could be relevant to implement during the project period. While a lot of the information was new to most the participants, their enthusiasm for the project was overwhelming and several wanted to be contacted later on in the project phase to provide their expertise to the Norwegian implementation of an action.

Place: Bergen, Norway
Conference website
Target audience: Policy makers, Health personnel, social workers, researchers, NGOs, volunteers, migrants.
Contact: Charlott Nordström  (WP: 7 Migration and health)     e-mail:

Photo: Paul S. Amundsen / UiB.