Jahee events

19 November 2020: Policy Dialogue “COVID-19 and health inequalities – the role of the European Semester and the Recovery and Resilience Facility

The Joint Action Health Equity Europe (JAHEE), established in 2017, aims to improve the policy response of the 24 participating countries in the reduction of health inequalities. Suddenly, in the middle of the elaboration of more than 70 JAHEE’s Implementation Actionsi, the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak struck. Although this changed the initial work plan, JAHEE has adapted its actions to face the impact of the pandemic, especially in terms of health inequalities. JAHEE took advantage of this meeting to set up a dialogue among key stakeholders.

The overall of the objective of the panel discussion was to facilitate the exchange of expectations and concerns over the implementation of the upcoming EU processes in view of the economic and social recovery from the pandemic– namely, the European Semester and the Resilience and Recovery Facility – and to discuss how these can be used to limit the widening of health and social inequalities as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.