WP 1 – Management of the action

The general objectives of this Work package (WP) are: (i) to ensure well-coordinated governance and management of the Joint Action (JA) according to the contractual agreement with the Executive Agency, as well as (ii) to guide the work of the different WP.

WP1 aims at ensuring:

  • legal, financial and administrative management of the JA according to the Multi-Beneficiary Grant agreement;
  • regular communication with the all the WP leaders in order to assess the implementation of the JA and to identify any deviation in a timely way;
  • scientific coordination of the JA, including systematic monitoring of the appropriateness and effectiveness of all planned activities, ensuring a quality check and timely completion of JA deliverables, according to the work plan;
  • smooth flow of information among the partners of the JA.

Raffaella Bucciardini (e-mail: raffaella.bucciardini@iss.it)
Benedetta Mattioli (e-mail: benedetta.mattioli@iss.it)