WP 9 – Health and Equity in All Policies – Governance

The general objective of this WP is to focus on governance and systems, that is on Health and Equity in All Policies
at local, regional, national and EU levels, taking into account the wider society.
The specific objectives of this WP are:

  • to generate more vigorous interest and commitment in tackling HI and their causes in MSs;
  • to strengthen MSs capacity, abilities and commitment to develop and implement effective and concrete policy actions to tackle HI;
  • to develop and apply a HiAP approach and implement at least one action during the course of the JA.

Tuulia Rotko (e-mail: tuulia.rotko@thl.fi)
Katri Kilpeläinen (e-mail: Katri.Kilpelainen@thl.fi)