WP 3 – Evaluation

The general objective of this Work package (WP)  is to assure and verify that the Joint Action (JA) is implemented as planned and that it accomplishes the objectives defined. This WP also intends to assure that the produced knowledge and outcomes meet high quality standards, are visible and have a relevant impact on the countries.

The project evaluation will be based on two different components:

  1. A systematic and continuous monitoring of processes, outputs, outcomes and context.
  2. A final evaluation of outcomes.

A systematic monitoring aims at ensuring:

  • a timely reporting of issues/criticalities in the process and implementation of appropriated measures;
  • production of the project outputs according to the planned activities;
  • production of the benefits described in the specific objectives;
  • sustainability of the Joint Action  during its execution.

A final evaluation of outcomes aims at ensuring:

  • an evaluation of the impact provided by the actions implemented at the country and European level;
  • elaboration of the recommendations that will be elaborated at the end of the JA to help improving the programs and policies aiming to address Health Inequalities  in EU countries after the JA.

Apostolos Vantarakis (e-mail: avanta@upatras.gr)