WP 4 – Integration in National Policies and Sustainability

The main objective of this Work package (WP)  is to frame the implementing efforts of all WPs into a bigger picture of integration and sustainability for strengthening national efforts to tackle Health Inequalities. Integration in national policies and sustainability are core objectives of the whole Joint Action (JA) that will contribute to develop effective policies as part of a wider strategy for EU and Member States’  action.
WP4 aims to:

  • analyse the level of inclusion of Health Inequalities  in the political agenda of Member States;
  • identify political, institutional and practical success factors and barriers for the implementation of policies and actions for health equity;
  • support Member States  to integrate the results and conclusions from the JA into national and European policy initiatives to fill identified policy gaps;
  • engage EU-level and national decision makers in the discussions on outcomes of the JA.

This WP provides an added value in the policy making process at EU and national level, through the following points:
1. to use the JA results to support the drafting of a proposal for new Council Conclusions on Health Inequalities  (following on the 2009 Communication on Solidarity in Health);

2. to ensure the development of guidance by each specific WP on how existing EU policies and tools can support MSs in improving health equity in the respective fields (e.g. EU Semester, Social Pillar, ESIF and investment funds, State of Health in the EU process).

Giuseppe Costa (e-mail: giuseppe.costa@epi.piemonte.it)
Michele Marra (e-mail: michele.marra@epi.piemonte.it)